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    Hello everyone,
    After weeks of discussion with Multiplay we've finally got everything ready for Insomnia. We are ready to go, packing bags and distributing plans across our communication platforms.

    I am now ready to discuss in public what exactly is going down and how you can get involved and help Terahard at the event. PS: Press, I'll have a separate release for you via email so be patient and I'll mail it out to you. Ideally if you are press and you've not got a copy just email and we'll be in touch.

    Who's attending from Terahard?
    The big question and we've finally got answers for you.

    • Callum Jones (ME!) - Head CM - I basically run everything community wise, get told off by Aris and slapped with a ruler (joking, don't report him!) I'll be very stressed making sure everything goes as planned.
    • George Phillip Kontogonis - Developer - George will be at the event, he's one of Terahard's developers and will be talking. He was also present in all the livestreams about CoF so far.
    • Stathis Aposporis - Developer - Stathis is one of the developers you've seen in the livestream just like George. He too is a developer at Terahard.
    • Harry Evans - Developer - Harry is going to be cracking joke after joke at Insomnia and also be talking about the game. Harry was the developer you saw on all the livestreams and the only brit there too!

    What exactly are we doing at Insomnia?
    We'll be bringing the game CoF into the public view and allowing people to play a few games with the developers talking about it with you while you play (as typing this, I've just had an idea of offering cup of teas out while gaming?)

    We'll be meeting some of you, talking with press and overall just making people aware of what we do and this badass game we've got coming out.

    Will Harry tell any decent jokes?
    Yes, Harry will be telling decent jokes.

    If you've got any questions for the team, want to rant to us or have a cup of tea. Please do email us at and we'll pass your email to the right person and respond.
  2. To confirm, everything is still as planned. No changes have been made and everything has been arranged.
    We are at Stand 33D

    If you have any questions, please do let us know.

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